What We Do

How We Engage


  • Meeting Agenda Design & Facilitation - Making your meeting better and more productive
  • Design Thinking experiential working sessions.  1-3 days of immersive work to explore challenges and design solutions with 8-100+ participants
  • Design Thinking Program Set-Up & Transfer.  Infusing DT into your DNA for ongoing application on your own (3+ months)
  • Executive Meeting Facilitation. Creating conditions that allow C-level teams to get more out of meetings

How We've Engaged Lately


  •  30 IT systems experts in the Retail Industry gathered for 3 days in Cleveland to explore ITSM core processes, determine their future and test a tool to help enable them.
  • A convergence of the top 40 executives of a Global Energy Company in Dubai UAE for 2 days to align on Strategy.
  • A gathering of 30 HR professionals from a large Financial Services firm in a 2-day session in Chicago to re-imagine the Employee Experience.
  • 20 managers & execs from an IT firm gathered for 2 days in Minneapolis to focus on improving CX and the customer journey.
  • 15 Product Reps from a global consulting firm in Dallas coming together to define and align on a new product sales story to help propel their global sales force to success.

What's In It For You

Clarity & Alignment

The clear understanding needed to move forward with purpose - all stakeholders on the same page, moving in the same direction, following the same 'north star'.  

Solutions that Stick

It's simple - people will implement solutions they've created themselves. The Design Thinking process promotes investment and ownership of solutions by the people who will actually execute them. Individuals quickly move up the spectrum from 'fear of change' to becoming a passionate 'evangelist' of it. 126bits knows how to facilitate that transformation.


The spark needed to inspire people to take on their own challenges and create their own futures.  The DT process encourages even the quietest voices in the room to come alive.  Teams leave a Design Thinking session feeling differently about their jobs than when they walked in.  


Ideas become solutions, solutions become plans, and plans become reality in a fraction of the time vs. more traditional work approaches.  Projects eliminate false starts and rework, allowing them to leapfrog to completion quickly.

Momentum to Execute

The extra oomph needed to propel stakeholders to execute and to maintain momentum across the extended timeframes often needed to complete a lengthy book of work.

A Connected Team

A rapid evolution from 'group' to 'team'.  Work groups come together for logical means.  Groups become 'teams' as they share experiences and achievements that include an emotional dimension.  DT provides the means for groups to become teams in an accelerated manner.