Things We Get Asked


When do clients typically engage 126bits?

Clients engage 126bits when they have a challenge that requires disparate stakeholders to collaborate on solutions and make key decisions quickly.  They often need to get a lot of work done in a short timeframe, and the process executed by 126bits makes that possible.  We're particularly effective in supporting complex change and transformation programs.

What type of companies does 126bits work with?

Size:  Most of our experience lies in the Fortune 500 space, but we've more recently scaled an offering to bring the same tools and methods to the small and medium market.

Industry:  We've worked in a wide spectrum of industries:  Financial Services, Banking, Pharma & Healthcare, Consumer Products/Retail, Manufacturing, Telco, Media, Tech & Software, Energy, Non-Profit

Geography:  We're pretty light on our feet and can do a session almost anywhere. If you can get there, we can get there. To date, we've done working sessions in the US, Canada, UK, EU and the MIddle East.  

How does the 126bits engagement process work?

Our process starts with a several week planning phase ahead of a work session. 126bits engages with a small client sponsor team weekly (virtually, 2-4 hours/wk) to clarify the challenge, define objectives of the session, co-design an agenda and create required inputs.  The planning phase culminates in a 1-3 day work session, engaging 10-100+ participants in an immersive experience in a creative space.  A deliverable documenting the group's journey is created and delivered to the client within 72 business hours after the session.

How much does a 126bits work session cost?

Work sessions are not 'one size fits all'.  Each is built from scratch and customized to a client's unique challenge and situation.  Our pricing model, however, is just one more thing that makes us different.

126 bits employs the concept of 'talent on demand'.  By design, we don’t staff resources before you need them, so you won't be paying for consultant 'bench time' overhead as per standard industry practice.  Instead, we tap into a professional network of talent and knowledge in the Design Thinking space, as deemed to fit your organization’s specific needs. This means that you get a highly customized and effective delivery team at an efficient price.

Our model is designed to deliver the kind of flexibility needed to work with almost any budget. Contact us to discuss your needs or for a quick quote with no obligations. 

How can I engage 126bits?

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