126bits consulting

Different approach, different results.

Solving Challenges at the Speed of Thought.

What We're About


What is '126 bits'?

126 bits per second is the speed at which the human brain is able to consciously think. According to science, it's the speed of thought.


Why We Exist

We're convinced that you can't solve a problem with the same thinking used to create it.  So we're passionate about applying a different way of thinking and working.  We exist to help teams collaborate to unleash the creativity and intelligence that lies within their organization and to help them focus all 126 bits on creating real, actionable solutions to their business challenges.


What Makes Us Different

If you have to tell someone you're different, you're probably not. In our case, it's in our DNA. It's in the way we think and work.  You can't help but notice it from the moment we meet. Our engagement is different.  Our process is different.  Our delivery model is different. Our results are different.  And  unlike traditional consultants, our goal is to help you discover that the real genius in the room is YOU.  

Our Journey From There to Here

Been There, Done That

We delivered traditional Consulting and Outsourcing Services for 20+ years. We learned the lingo; we felt the pain; we earned the gray hair. Then we decided to do something different, because we knew that wasn’t enough in a changing business world. Fusing together EQ and IQ (emotion & intellect), we adopted the principles of Design Thinking and put them into practice in an immersive experience to bring a different way of working to our clients. The result is a modern consulting approach that helps organizations tap into their own brilliance to achieve better, faster, invested results.

What We Believe

We believe that nobody knows your business like you do, not even fancy schmancy consultants. The real answers to your business challenges exist within your own organization. You just need someone to ask the right questions in the right way to bring them to life. That's where we come in.  Our mission is to create the right conditions to help you unearth solutions, embrace them and put them into action to resolve whatever ails you.  


Who We Work With

We've taken dozens of large global organizations through Design Thinking journeys. But we don’t think that larger organizations should be the only ones to benefit from this way of working, so we’ve constructed an approach that is scalable and meaningful to smaller teams, as well. 

Small or large, across any industry or market, if you’ve got a challenge that requires a group of stakeholders to collaborate, we’ve got a way of working that can help.  

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