Lead Consultant: Michelle Bidwell


Design Thinker. Facilitator. Chief Collaborator.

Michelle is a logic-based consultant who recognized several years ago that human emotion plays a larger role in business success than most organizations realize.  At that time, Michelle made the leap from traditional consulting and outsourcing services (a.k.a. the dark side), to come into the light of Design Thinking methodologies that put people at the center of it all.  Since then, Michelle has designed and facilitated more than 100 Design Thinking & Co-Creation working sessions, helping companies tap into their biggest asset - the intelligence and creativity of their own people - to solve for their most significant challenges in a fun and collaborative way.

Michelle provides services through 126bits and in collaboration with various partners around the globe.


What Michelle's Clients Say

CMO of a top-ranked Service Management company:

"Michelle Bidwell comes highly-credentialed and exceeds the design strategy expectation. Her inquiries and tools lead to stronger questions seeking the leverage points that achieve a superior approach. All along the way, she allows the audience to step outside of their hierarchical roles and collaborate on answers they jointly support."

CEO of a growing IT services company:

"The way questions are asked and explored, the human factors are just so strong and powerful....I actually had people suggesting it should have been 3 days! I have had nothing but positive feedback."

Head of HR of a Global Energy Company:

"Working with you and the team was a fantastic experience."

Client Services Manager at a Retail Services firm:

'Feedback is great -  the group found this to be very engaging...'

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